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Fire/EMS Page

Rescue Squad 19Firefighters are the coolest, nicest people you will ever meet. Nobody should ever try to tell me that's not true, 'cause it is! Today (September 5, 1999) I heard a huge amount of sirens and ran to my apartment window. I saw 4 engines, 1 rescue squad, 1 mobile command SUV, and 1 truck. I saw them approaching my apartment building along Massachusetts Avenue, but to my relief they drove by sirens wailing. However, I heard their sirens come to a stop very near it. I quickly gathered up my Mom and my lil sis and we headed down to see what was happening. I knew it had to be a fire of some kind because of the types of units responding. We watched them for about 15 minutes and then we saw them all begin to clean up their equipment. I went down to talk to the firefighter on my side of Massahusetts Avenue. He said that when they had responded they found that there was trash on fire at the bottom of the elevator chute in the apartment across the street. He let me climb inside the cab of their engine and my sister even got to press the pedal activating the loud siren. When they were all inside the engine prepared to leave the kind firefighter allowed me to talk on the radio announcing that, "Engine 28 was back in service". I was overjoyed, to say the least. I have always been fascinated with firefighters and their excellent profession. They are definitely the coolest!!!

Annapolis FD

Special Thanx to:


Engine Company 28- especially the kind firefighter I mentioned above, and everyone at 3522 Conneticut Avenue, NW

Engine Company 20, Truck Co. 12- I loved the open house you guys had for your new truck. It was really great and that is a beautiful new truck!!! You people have come to my apartment buliding a million times and you do a superlative job every time. Like to send a shout out to all you guys at 4300 Wisconsin Avenue, NW

All paramedics in DCFD- I saw you people on the show "Paramedics" and you all looked great! Keep up the excellent work!!!

Bethesda Chevy Chase Rescue Squad:

I love your excellent open house every year. All the demonstrations are extremely interesting. One of the best days of the year for me.

All firefighters rule! Take care, stay cool, and keep doing a great job!!! (:-Michael

If you are a firefighter or paramedic please say "hey" and tell me you been here! Thanks- my address is
RS19 and M10 pics courtesy of Bethesda Chevy-Chase Rescue Squad
Michael's World

Medic 10